Academy for youths with Disabilities


YILLE Care unit for those with disabilities, works to protect the rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and promote their Inclusion in Nigeria’s Development Agenda. We share the vision of Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONAPWD), an umbrella organization of persons with disability established in Nigeria to promote the rights and development of Nigerians with disabilities.

Our disability services cover the entire spectrum of disability including the blind, the physically handicapped, intellectually impaired and ostracised victims of debilitating ailments like spinal cord injuries.

We are currently managing multiple project portfolios focused on sexual and gender-based violence, reproductive health rights, education, socio-economic empowerment, political  and community participation and access to justice for people living with disability in Nigeria.

Since 2010, we have advocated for Disability Rights and run disability foster homes for at risk children and youths living with a disability, providing a safe haven for many and improving their engagement and participation in the community through skills acquisition programs and training in collaboration with local and state governments.

Through our academy for youths with disabilities, our organisation has also connected youths with disability with employment opportunities and small scale entrepreneurship through sourcing  funding and grants from corporate bodies and government entitities.

YILLE operates a dynamic and fast-paced work environment that provides employees with opportunities to grow professionally and exploit their leadership ability and potential. We pride ourselves with recruiting quality staff and some of our former disabilities services staff  have moved on to international roles in disability services in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada.

Academy for youths with Disabilities

We  implement programmes, policies and activities geared toward the promotion and enhancement of the welfare of persons with disabilities;

some empowerment projects have been carried out which   assist  persons with disabilities and regularly access the impact of public policy on human rights and report on same through publications seminars, workshops and lectures;

YILLE is conducting a project to understand the experiences of people with disabilities within non-traditional work, such as contracting, and freelancing. The goal of our project is to understand “non-traditional” job experiences among persons with disabilities. Examples include non-permanent jobs such as:

Working for  agency with different assignments.

Performing contract or piecemeal work.

Doing app-based jobs

Some of our work is on how people with disabilities find and obtain these types of work. We also are interested in learning how such jobs affect your everyday life. Some questions of interest include:

How do non-traditional jobs impact your social and financial well-being?

How do non-traditional jobs affect family and community activities?

Does your disability affect your ability to perform non-traditional work?

What are your expectations for work?

Several opportunities for trainings and consultations for consumers, businesses and community partners are available at YILLE ACADEMY Most of our trainings are offered as a free service, however some costs may be associated. Please contact our office for more information.

Below are a few examples of trainings and consultations we provide

• Independent Living

Training that assists consumers in developing the skills needed to live independently. The goal is to empower people with disabilities with the knowledge to perform daily tasks such as budgeting, transportation, interviewing, etc. in order to maintain or increase independence.


This training empowers individuals to “Tell their Story” in a way that provides inspiration to themselves and others.

• Employment/LEAPS

has several programs focused on employment. We offer these programs to consumers, individuals, businesses and community partners.

YILLE is proud to offer the LEAPS program (Locating Employment Avenues with Peer Support) to our consumers for no cost and to individuals, businesses and community partners at low cost. LEAPS provides the following:

Assistance with employment readiness skills (including interviewing, resume preparation, and job searching)

Regular job leads for a variety of local employment opportunities

Both one-on-one and group centered peer support

Connections to state and community-based organizations such as the Benefit Navigator Program and Manpower

Educating employers about hiring people with disabilities and how to provide workplace accommodations

In addition, we are an Employment Network program which provides Social Security disability beneficiaries who want to work with access to free employment support services. As an Employment Networks (EN) we can help with career counseling and assistance with job placement, including helping understand how benefits may be affected by work. We also provide services for employment for Vocational Rehabilitation Agency that provides opportunities to meet new employers and possibly gain employment and/or skills through the internship program, volunteer programs and job placement.


We provide services and work with Community Partners to secure housing, shelter, accommodations and modifications of any space used to serve, or occupied by individuals with disabilities.

While we do not provide housing or shelter we do assist in locating resources to let individuals identify possible opportunities.

The consumer will work with the Housing Specialist and develop an individualized plan to work on their specific goal as it is related to housing services.

also provides Independent Living Skills Trainings and Housing Advocacy classes that will/can:

In 2012 YILLE visited people with disabilities mobilized them  to seek opportunities in their community – Learn about their rights and telling their own stories about what is or has been a barrier to finding Accessible and Affordable housing

The Team also tutored, Encouraged and gave assistance to people with disabilities to attend public meeting(s) and become involved in the legislative process to promote Accessible and Affordable Housing.